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1 . Trading Policy
SAFUMAX GROUP LIMITED of the trading policies and procedures are an integral part of your customer agreement. As a customer, you have an obligation to carefully read these trading policies and procedures, and you should inform the company of any questions or objections to them before your each trade order. Place an order through our company, you agree, statement, guarantee and confirm that you understand and accept these trading policies and procedures, and the company maybe make changes to them in the future, and you agree to comply with the prevailing trade policies and procedures at any time.

2 . Settlement、Interest、Bond、Client Funding
Dollar as the settlement units, contracts and transactions are in US dollars for the unit of account and shown in United States dollars on the customer's reckoning.
Customers has responsible self-monitoring their margin in account and will be maintained at the appropriate level, SAFUMAX reserves the right to change per unit margin trading, changes will be based on total value of accounts, depending on the volume and market conditions at that time. Trading platform system information will inform to customer the change of margin. Once the funds in the account balance is not sufficient to meet the maintenance margin requirement, SAFUMAX have right to market price settlement of all open positions for account in real time.
Released for the company's trading platform. Interest calculation time is Beijing time at five o'clock in the morning, position beginning reckon interest after closing.
When the customer account to deposit funds, must be deposited within a specified deposit account for our company, and need to fill out the notice of deposit send account@safumax.Com, verify and process your deposit with the company personnel.
3 .Market Order/Stop Order、Set the stop profit/stop loss
Under the normal market conditions, customer orders will be returned within 1-2 seconds. Customers need to special attention the conditions to rapidly changing in market, knockdown price is not necessarily is price to see in client terminal。This means is the trading price on the window may be customer lists prior to treatment or processing at that moment has changed when the prices move quickly. Such slippage is sometimes good sometimes bad for the customer shall not raise objection. Through the company's trading system to trade, customer transaction per limit is 10 and 0.1 lot.

* Note 1: the company reserves the right to change the transaction limit at any time and with immediate effect after the release.
* Note 2: open/close positions cannot be cancelled, changed or withdrawn. Insufficient margin transactions, the company will not accept this deal, and cancelled immediately.
Is a lock in profit or loss, and entrust order form customer specified price, when the market price is touched when customers set the price, entrust orders will be automatically turned into a market order transactions. Entrust order will carry out under the supervise for trade system. Due the orders did not reach the customer specified price is not executed before, so entrust orders may be not executed. Stop profit/stop loss entrust order is valid for trading positions.(Touch the price does not include the wrong price, when prices touch or exceed your target price, the system will be auto carry out the set trade order for you).

* Note: all limit orders are G.T.W. Pending (Good till week), Effective instruction only week.
4 . Cancel Limit Order
Non-market orders can be cancelled on the trading system of the company. However, the purchase price or sell price may limit customers to cancel execution.
* Note: all entrust orders settle or not, are subject to the system information of our company.
5 .Stop-loss and Settlement
During the trade period in our company, if cause noble metal price fluctuation and induce the client net value less than the trade margin 30%, namely trigger stop-loss the instant price. Account triggered the instant price due to insufficient margin,  trading systems was closing all no close order with that market value. Company reserved the right of all open positions in the account.

Note: If the market is too large, may not less than 30% when the executive positions, maybe occur the net value is much lower than 30% after evening up or negative situations, customers must understand this non-system control.

Customer is entitled to remove from his account without trading margin (That is, not used to take margin requirement of that part) Without closing the account, at this point in the operation of funds in the account to meet minimum deposit requirements. Withdrawal funds and corresponding adjustments to the accounts only if there is no open interest of the case proceed. Money transfer after receiving the notice to withdrawal in the day. Information in the notice of withdrawal of the same information on the account application form, only accepted account holders withdraw, not approved transfer between accounts with different names to withdrawals(ATM bank account name must be the same as the account name).

* Note: If withdraw before 12 o'clock noon, remit in that day afternoon. If withdraw in afternoon, remit in other day morning. On receipt of the customer's notice of withdraw within the working hours of the day, will be deducted from the customer's trading account balance the withdraw amount。Due to the different operations of each banks, remittances takes will different, so the company will not charge customers for required time to make any guarantees.
6 . Trail stop-loss
Trail stop-loss: As its name suggests, is to follow the latest prices setting a certain number of stops. Trail stop-loss feature is based on the client's terminal, only earning set points trail stop-loss feature to be effective, so you should set a fixed stop. After each walk in a favorable direction, changes from the local computer sends a stop command to the server. If you close the local computer, will retain the last changes on the server. The instructions because the instructions are not within the SAFUMAX system, able to give instructions depending on the user's computer and the internet, customer to use caution, SAFUMAX cannot guarantee that is will always work, Please take a risk by client self.
7 . pending order attention
During the major economic data or movement event publish, market trade concentrate, SAFUMAX cleaning bank use float spreads, shall moment expand the spreads in major data publish time.

SAFUMAX has been committed to provide fixed spreads 、no slippage point to execution strategy for clients, cleaning bank in increasing trade costs, SAFUMAX unable to expand the fixed spreads force transfer to client for costs.

In order to provide excellent quality fixed spreads to execution policy for clients, and avoid client involved such extreme market trade to face risk, major data (especially the non-farm data), before publish 1 hour, SAFUMAX that maybe to execute more stringent restrictions for pending order condition.

Under normal trading conditions, according to the requirements of different varieties, the price is only 200 points above the market price., but in the market fluctuate very quickly situation, impact by quote “interval” larger, when client pending orders will require apart more than 700 point with the market price(equal to 70 point of 4 bit decimal quotes) or above to be valid. SMP whether increasing pending orders space decisions and space increase extent rest with difference data to create fluctuate extent and change speed to market attack, this policy only aim at pending orders situation, no any effect for rapid fluctuate market orders operate.

8 . Scalping policy
The broker (IB) scalping policy: the policy related to IB, designed to ensure the stability of the platform and products. Our definition of "scalping" as a trader in 180 seconds open positions and transactions (including single and single lock open).IB should understand, do not produce a commission on the above definition of the stripping head skin trade will have. The Commission will be revoked.

Customer scalp policy: this policy relates to individual customers. To ensure the stability of SAFUMAX platforms and products. We define "scalping" as transactions in which traders open and close their positions within 180 seconds (including unwinding and lockout orders). If the scalp trade accounts for more than 25% of the total transaction. SAFUMAX reserves the right to systematically reject orders and / or revoke traders' profits or losses in the course of trading. The Company will treat customers fairly and, to the extent possible, ensure fair cancellation of orders. Do not neglect or omit to deal with customer positions, customers will not be damaged by cancellation of orders, customer net position Will be consistent with the position at the time of system correction.




Risk Warning:

Please make clear the company's services and products, the precious metals trading in the spot contains a major risk of loss, not suitable for all investors. Before opening a trading account, please consider your experience level, investment purpose, assets, income and risk bearing capacity. You should be aware of all the risks associated with the precious metals trading. If there is any doubt, please consult the independent financial consultant.