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MT4 trading software is a very good software, online trading system through the MT4 trading software, users can order, unwind, limit orders and stop loss, take profit, view real-time news, announcements, early warning, to check the report, as well as data analysis and processing operations, itself contains 18 kinds of line drawing tools, 9 kinds of options trading chart, 30 kinds of international popular index, analysis of line moves handy, you can also to many years of experience summary writing into index, and applied to the chart.

Dimensional code scanning download:
MetaTrader 4 Android version can also be downloaded directly from your device MetaTrader 4 Android version of APK format. You can also "Baidu Mobile Assistant" download.
New account-"open demo account" on the server in the search box enter "SafumaxGroup" (company name or server name) and select, fill out personal information and click "create account", and then press "ready".

The following applications for the Android system legend:




Risk Warning:

Please make clear the company's services and products, the precious metals trading in the spot contains a major risk of loss, not suitable for all investors. Before opening a trading account, please consider your experience level, investment purpose, assets, income and risk bearing capacity. You should be aware of all the risks associated with the precious metals trading. If there is any doubt, please consult the independent financial consultant.